The 11th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival

The 3 producers of Greek films convey their comments regarding the 11th annual San Francisco Film Festival

What an amazing opening night! Full House !! Excellent movies !! Q and A with the director Ms Maria Douza, with insights about her movie and filming in Greece.
All movies ( To Pantopoleion, The Tree and the Swing / Το Δέντρο και η Κούνια - A Place Called Home-. 5 Τρόποι να Πεθάνεις / 5 Ways 2 Die - were applauded by the audiences !!)

Chris Kasaris Interview

A Film I produced for Greek
A Greek Immigrant from central Greece, came to the Bay Area as a young boy with the desire to build something greater for himself. A combination of his passion for life as well as his business acumen and vision allowed him to accomplish what others only hope to.

Vasilis a Greek Immigrant from the Crete

A Film I produced for Greek of a Greek Immigrant from the Crete Island of Greece that has become an Icon in San Francisco for promoting the Greek Culture in his business and in the number of people that he helped in starting out their life in the San Francisco Bay Area. His life is one of tremendous success in the presence of huge obstacles that he overcame with his courage and spirit.